Dr. Audrey Kaplan-Messas directed the Glaucoma Unit in Assaf- Harofe Hospital for 15 years, today she is running the Glaucoma and Cataract Centers in Tel- Aviv and in Herzliya, as well as the recent Dry Eye Center.


Graduated from Pierre and Marie Curie – PARIS university, medical school, France.  

  • Residency and Fellowship in Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgeries in “Hotel-Dieu de Paris” Hospital in France and in the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York.Kaplan gained experience in the field of complex eye surgeries.
  • Glaucoma expert at the Sam Rothberg center, Sheba Hospital.
  • Senior Eye Surgeon and Glaucoma Specialist at “Brazilai” Hospital, Ashkelon and the “Aviv” Eye Center. 
  • Head of the glaucoma Unit of Assaf- Harofe hospital from 2002 to 2016
  • Medical Director of Optonol Ltd, Active in developing cutting edge technologies.
  • Consultant for major drug companies
  • Kaplan-Messas is in the media following a breakthrough innovation in the field of Retinal Vein Occlusion, and for pioneering in the use of advanced technologies in the field of Glaucoma lasers.
  • Kaplan led multiple humanitarian mission in China, in Mexico, and lately in Kenya where she performed voluntarily complex surgeries for remote populations and taught local doctors latest technologies in Cataract and Glaucoma.


Dr. Kaplan-Messas has published a significant amount of articles in scientific journals and presented hundreds of lectures all over the world. She is presently one of the very few Instructors of advanced surgery at the American Society of Cataract Surgery and at the International Glaucoma Surgery Society.

She contributed greatly in advancing the field of Glaucoma.

In addition, Dr. Kaplan published several articles aimed toward the public, and explains her field of expertise in a simplified manner.


Medical agenda

For Dr. Kaplan-Messas, Optimal Medical Care takes into account each individual needs. She believes that Doctor-Patient communication has to be clear, patient and empathetic.

Dr. Kaplan-Messas understood since her early years that the holy grail of sight preserving and improvement is staying updated with medical knowledge and technology as well as being responsible for the patient medical status and well being.

This agenda is realized by integrating  the patient in the process of building personal treatment plan. Lately Dr Kaplan has taken to heart to not only cure but also prevent diseases in your eyes by educating and supporting function and health.

Dr. Kaplan-Messas says: “Treating patients with sight pathologies requires a full understanding of the patient’s world. A world that not once is going through crisis due to physical changes. The helplessness one may feel when a disease strikes, especially when it means damage to sight, orientation and more, affects not only the physiology but also our spirit. It is my commitment to support the patient in all available capabilities to bring vision and health to its best.