Our team of experts will be happy to assist you if necessary.

Ramit Garti: Chief executive of dry eye

16 years of experience as optometrist.

Ramit is the editor of professional magazine regarding the health of the eye.

Ramit gives every patient the time and the focus he needs and will make sure you go out with a smile on your face.


Ariel Saloma: Assistant

A 4th year medical student. Works as doctor assistant.

He is responsible for operating the dry eye equipment in the clinic.

Ariel loves the interpersonal relationship and finds new interest with each new patient.


Corinne Kohn: Optometrist

Corinne is a certified optometrist by the minister of health and a Optomety graduated from Bar- Ilan university.

She support the medical procedure and helps the patient in their every need.

Corinne is very pleasant and will make sure you will feel good!


Liat Fisser: Medical Secretary

Liat has over 20 years of experience in the field.

She take care of every patient from beginning to end.

She will accompany you before and after surgery in your every need.


Valerie Nabet: Medical Secretary

Valerie is experienced in various fields concerning working with people. she owns very patient attitude.

Valerie will take care for you in the clinic and will make sure you get what you need.