Navi Blef


Navi Blef is an eyelids and eyelashes cleaning foam made of natural ingredients only. It contains chamomile essence and Tea Tree Oil. The solution becomes a foam once you use it.

The foam is able to remove the plaque out of the eyelids and eyelashes. Plaque is being created due to inflammatory process in the area such as blepharitis, MGD or Eye Surgery.

As discussed in the “pathophysiology of dry eye” section, our eyelashes are the only area in our body that does not receive the appropriate hygiena. Our eyelashes needs to be cleaned every day in order to cure and prevent inflammation which leads later to dry eye syndrome. Thus, a daily use in Navi Blef provides a curative and prevention method for patients who suffer from the dry eye syndrome.


Capacity: 50 ml.

נאווי בלאף
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